♪I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me ♪

No, I’m not a stalker (shifty eyes).  I just like taking pics of you when you don’t know about it (jk, lol).  This camera is part of a gacha set by Candy Crunchers.  It’s at the current round of Gacha Garden.  This shirt/sweater combo is from Fame Homme and is at The Mens Dept.  It comes in 20 different colors!  Nice shirt to wear for a casual comfy day 🙂

February 7, 2018.png


Ray Of Light

Hi friends! I spotted this headdress at The Coven event and had to pick it up. It’s obviously not something I would wear day to day but I knew it would make for a fun photo. Straight away I knew exactly how I wanted this to look. Inspiration can come from unexpected places.

February 6, 2018.png


Bad Blood

What a bloody mess! lol 😀

Who’s next!? haha

This backdrop from Modulus inspired this bloody photo. I’m the last survivor. Yep 😉

February 4, 2018.png


Getaway Car

I don’t know if I am gonna get anywhere with this car. I wonder if it’s going to run. Hmm. I took this one at the apocalyptic sim everwinter. It is pretty awesome. There are lots of areas for photos. I’ll be back there soon for sure. The vest is the new release from Kaju which will be at The Men Jail starting February 8th.

January 31, 2018.png