Hey!  I hope everyone is having a great week.  The XXX event opens on Thursday, the 15th.  There will be some great things there this round so be sure to visit.  What I’m wearing as well as the display stand will be available there.

March 11, 2018 (3)


Weigh in

The scale hates me!  Or it’s broken!  How is that my real weight!?  It couldn’t possibly have to do with all the ice cream *lick*

March 11, 2018.png


Walking With Ghosts

I am in love with this outfit at TMD by BOYS TO THE BONE and FAKEICON.  I paired it with the new release at TMD by Vale Koer.  It’s kind of different but so am I 😛

March 8, 2018.png



Futurist space bartender at your service 😛

This full outfit (including the boots) is from Cubura.  The jacket is one of their newer releases and is still out at the D23 event for the next couple of days.  I love it and have been wearing it quite a lot.  There are a bunch of textures/colors to choose from so it can go with almost anything.

March 3, 2018 (2).png


Left Alone

The Men Jail event opens tomorrow (March 8th). I have had a sneak peak at some of the items and I’m pretty excited to get my virtual hands on them. These socks by -IX- will be there. They come in a bunch of patterns/colors and look great!

March 5, 2018



Hi all. Hope you had a great weekend. A brand new week with more events and shopping 😛

This outfit (tshirt and joggers) is by Kaju and is out now at The Darkness event.

March 3, 2018.png


Hang On Me

Another day another blog post. I’m on a roll this week!

This pose from Instinct Poses is at the D23 Event. The bed and dolls are from the XXX event. Both events have some great items so try to visit 🙂

February 25, 2018 (2).png

Hang on me
‘Cause you and me
We’re not meant for this world