Your love’s coming down like
Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain
Your love’s coming down like

April 10, 2018.png




Housewife realness!  😛  The April round of the XXX event is open!  This romper by INQ is one of the items you can pick up there.  As usual it comes in a bunch of colors and patterns 🙂

April 7, 2018 (2).png



Hello!  Well just look at the mess I got myself into now!  lol.  This tank and shorts combo can be found at the current round of The Men Jail.  It’s a collaboration between Cubura and INQ.  I feel like a zombie hunter or some cool video game character 😀

April 8, 2018.png


Smile Like You Mean It

I have my happy face on!  😀  Featuring the new release from Etham at TMD!  Another great item to add my collection.  Great for an easy, casual outfit 🙂

April 7, 2018.png


Tip Toe

These socks from RIOT are at Shoetopia right now and they are everything!  They allow guys to wear high feet shoes.  How great is that?  It opens up so many shoe options for us.  They are the reason I am able to wear these sneakers from Pixicat (also at Shoetopia).  😀

April 6, 2018 (2).png




Hey guys!  I have been living in these RIOT yoga pants lately.  They come in so many colors and patterns that I can get away with it 😛  They are available at faMESHed.  Get your stretch on!

April 6, 2018.png


Into The Blue

When I got my back up against the wall
Don’t need no one to rescue me
‘Cause I ain’t waiting up for no miracle
Yeah, tonight I’m running free
Into the blue

April 4, 2018.png


Big In Japan

I checked out the NEO Japan event quickly today.  There are so many interesting things to see and buy there.  The umbrella is from k o s m ii and the pants are from Drot.  I need to go back and take a better look around 🙂

April 3, 2018.png


Speak To Me

The XXX event is coming to a close.  Just about a day left to shop there.  Don’t miss out!

April 2, 2018.png



Supercut, I’ll be your favorite scene
I’m a killing machine, I’m a killing machine
Here’s my list, now read it back to me

April 1, 2018.png