Waiting For You

Forgotten how long I’ve been waiting
And as always I’m stuck on the same thing
You, and the perfect unfailing
Love that you may bring me

Know you won’t come for me
But faith knows no reality
So I’ll wait an eternity
Here for you

Waiting For You


  • Ace Leather Jacket by RIOT (Uber) (December 25th – January 22nd)
  • Mikol Jeans by Ascend
  • Pose:  Grand Party by AMITIE (Uber) (December 25th – January 22nd)
  • Winsford House by DaD (Uber) (December 25th – January 22nd)
  • Dog:  Santa’s Samoyeds 11 (White Pup Wanderer) by Jian
  • Septum piercing: Double Stud Septum by PUNCH
  • Ear piercings: Loke rigged Ear Piercings by Artificial Hallucination
  • Room Key Earring by OVERSIZED
  • Hair:  Alex by Modulus
  • Head: Daniel by Catwa
  • Body: Jake by Belleza

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