Morning After

And after we wake in the morning
My mind is still on the little things we did
I know when we were talking, to worrying
Oh that’s not the way to live

Morning After


  • Bean Bag Chair / Floor Balloons / Party Confetti / Drinking Game Table / Party Hats / Unicorn Cake Pops by Caboodle (The Epiphany) (January 15th – February 12th)
  • Kevin Shirt by Cubura (A+ Event) (January 21st – February 16th)
  • Shane Joggers by Etham (Men Only Monthly) (January  20th – February 15th)
  • Dog:  Brown Guest (Poodle Party) by Jian (The Epiphany) (January 15th – February 12th)
  • Hair:  Stockton by lock&tuft (Man Cave) (January 17th – February 11th)
  • Head: Daniel by Catwa
  • Body: Jake by Belleza

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