New Lelutka EVO X heads for guys are on the way!  The Ford, Eon and Devon heads will be released this coming Friday, July 9th.  Here I am wearing Eon with my very quick, initial shape.  I’m looking forward to working with it some more.  Yay for more male heads!  😀

Some info you should know about the new heads:


– You can now find EVO and EVO X toggle buttons across all heads. – Option to blend or mask lashes have now been updated. – Save slots have been removed for Eye Socket, Lashes, HD Brows, HD Eyelids, and HD Lips as we now have a Style HUD. – We now have a total of 18 eyes, an additional 6 have been added. – We now have a total of 6 eye brows, an additional 2 have been added. – We now have a total of 8 eye shadows, an additional 2 have been added. – Alpha Mode has been added to the lip area, when you use the Mask option, you will be able to manipulate how much of your lipstick with show. – Layer Materials (None) HD Complex has been added under settings, includes HD Brows, 2 HD eye shadow layers, Lashes, Eye Sockets and HD lips – Clicking these buttons will remove materials from matching layers, removing materials will eliminate Hair/Head alpha interaction (if hair has materials enabled), leaving your Head layers, alpha clipping free. This means the glossiness of any of these layers will be removed.


– Scripts have been polished to reduce lag, and make the hud and heads operate smoother and respond faster.


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