Tip Toe

These socks from RIOT are at Shoetopia right now and they are everything!  They allow guys to wear high feet shoes.  How great is that?  It opens up so many shoe options for us.  They are the reason I am able to wear these sneakers from Pixicat (also at Shoetopia).  😀

April 6, 2018 (2).png



Geek In The Pink

Happy Easter!  I hope you are all having a great weekend whether you celebrate or not.  The furniture/decor items in this photo are from Sway’s.  It’s a great set at Gachaland.  It opens today (April 1).  I am loving it and will use many of the items to decorate my new place.

The sweater and jeans are both from RIOT and can be found in the main store 🙂

March 31, 2018.png



Futurist space bartender at your service 😛

This full outfit (including the boots) is from Cubura.  The jacket is one of their newer releases and is still out at the D23 event for the next couple of days.  I love it and have been wearing it quite a lot.  There are a bunch of textures/colors to choose from so it can go with almost anything.

March 3, 2018 (2).png


Hang On Me

Another day another blog post. I’m on a roll this week!

This pose from Instinct Poses is at the D23 Event. The bed and dolls are from the XXX event. Both events have some great items so try to visit 🙂

February 25, 2018 (2).png

Hang on me
‘Cause you and me
We’re not meant for this world