Never Is A Promise

Hey beautiful people!  I hope you are all doing well.  I have been having a blast exploring and shopping at all of the recent events.  I got this hat at The Epiphany and while I am not really a hat person in real life, I find myself wearing them more and more in Second Life.  I find that kind of funny but I guess they don’t look so strange on me here.  Then again I am also wearing skin tight leggings 😀

October 25, 2017


  • Hat:  Grim Hat by Deadwool (The Epiphany) (October 2017)
  • Top:  Malmo Tee by Boys To The Bone (group gift)
  • Pants:  Syrio Men’s Leggings by RIOT (Men Only Monthly (October 2017)
  • Shoes:  Stomp Shoes by FAKEICON
  • Bracelets:  Smosh Set (black) by FAKEICON
  • Balloon:  Offensive Balloon Gacha (Angry) by FAKEICON (Formally Titzuki)
  • Pose:  Gun/Knife Pose by E.inK
  • Head:  Daniel by Catwa
  • Body:  Jake by Belleza

Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind

Hey guys! One of the things I like about Second Life is the ability to change up my look. One day I can have the buttoned up conservative look (see last post) and the next I can look like today’s photo. This is giving me 90’s grunge and I’m here for it.

October 15, 2017