Geek In The Pink

Happy Easter!  I hope you are all having a great weekend whether you celebrate or not.  The furniture/decor items in this photo are from Sway’s.  It’s a great set at Gachaland.  It opens today (April 1).  I am loving it and will use many of the items to decorate my new place.

The sweater and jeans are both from RIOT and can be found in the main store 🙂

March 31, 2018.png



The Land Of Rainbows Egg Hunt is in full swing.  It’s a fun hunt with so many great items.  Why not check it out this Easter weekend 😉

March 30, 2018.png


Shades Of Red

Be sure to check out the current round of the XXX event.  The blindfold and harness I am wearing are two of the items available.  There are a ton of other great items as well so get over there while you can.

March 27, 2018.png



There’s another new event in Second Life and this one is pretty cool.  It’s inspired by one of my fave movies, The Breakfast Club.  How awesome, right?!  It’s called The Clique.  There are some really great things there.

March 26, 2018.png



One of my fave things to do in Second Life is explore and find great photo locations.  This setup is at one of my favorite sims, D o X.  It’s a great sim with lots of photo opportunities.  Here I am with another new puppy 😛

March 24, 2018.png



Hey everyone!  Hope you are all well.  I had quite the eventful couple of days.  I had surgery to remove my gallbladder yesterday.  I’m so glad to have that done and over with.  A little sore now but doing good.  Time to relax in bed and do my SL blogging 🙂

March 23, 2018.png


En Route

Another cute puppy to add to my collection!  This little guy is from Jian at the Arcade.  I love him so much that he travels with me 😛  The outfit is from Xenials.  The joggers are new and out at MOM this round.

March 20, 2018.png



Hey people!  Something exciting is happening this week.  Land Of Rainbows has an egg hunt that is so so good.  I have peeked at a bunch of the gifts and it will not disappoint.  There are so many great designers taking part in this and the items are fantastic.  Be sure to visit from March 23 to April 6.

March 18, 2018.png


Land Of Rainbows Egg Hunt Gifts



We get high up on the low down
Every day spinning like a merry go round
All we want is to forget

March 17,2018.png



Happy Friday.  Have a great weekend everyone!  This jacket by Etham is available at TMD this month until the 30th.  The hair by Modulus is at Man Cave.

March 15, 2018.png